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Cloth Duct Tape

Cloth Duct Tape

Main Technical Data:
Product Tensile N/25mm Adhesion N/25mm Thickness Micron Elongation % Color Service Temp.℃
T-CD2121 130 14 210 15.0 Silver, Black -5 ~ +60
T-CD2231 140 14 210 15.0 Silver, Black, White -5 ~ +60
T-CD2241 150 14 220 12.0 Silver,Black,White,Red,Yellow,Green,Blue,Beige -5 ~ +60
T-CD2841 170 16 280 8.0 Silver,Black,White,Red,Yellow,Green,Blue,Beige -10 ~ +70

Features of Cloth Duct Tape:
Cloth Duct Tape , we also call them duct tape, adopting PE-coated cloth backing, and coated with rubber adhesive.
High tensile strength.
Moisture resistant.
Easy to tear.
it conforms to irregular surface.

Applications of Cloth Duct Tape:
Cloth Duct Tape is a good choice for bundling, heavy packing, general maintenance, pipe wrapping, carpet fixing, and seaming and joint sealing for air-conditioning duct.

We are a cloth duct tape manufacturer and supplier in China. We also offer self adhesive aluminum foil tape, vapor barrier and reflective aluminum foil insulation. Our products are ISO 9001 certified and pass UL, BS476, part6 and part7 test procedures. They are of excellent quality and competitive prices. If you are interested in our cloth duct tape or other related products, please feel free to contact us!

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