Double Sided, Light Duty, Flame retardant Reinforced Alum. Foil Insulation and Vapor Barrier

Facing Composition
Aluminium Foil 7 micron
Tri-way fiberglass scrim: 8x12/100mm
Adhesive Flame Retardant
Kraft Paper 60g / m2(Natural)
Adhesive Flame Retardant
Aluminium Foil 7 micron
Physical Properties
Basis Weight gsm 140 ASTM D 646
Tensile Strength N/25mm MD:150
XD: 65
ASTM D 828
Bursting Strength N/cm2 35 ASTM D 747
Reflectivity of Foil Surface % 95 ------
Temperature Resistance -29°C
No Delamination
No Delamination
ASTM C1263
Water Vapor permeability ng /N.s 1.15 (Max) ASTM E96
Fire Rating Class Class "0" BS476 Pt. 6 & Pt. 7

Width: 1.25m, 1.35m
Length: 60m, 50m, 100m
Core ID: 1.5" (38mm±1)

*Based on order, special sizes are available.

1. The data above are typical results and subject to change without notice.
2. Tolerance: Weight and Thickness:±10%; Width:±3mm; Length: ±0.5%.
3. The products should be stored at room temperature, kept from wet and kept away heat source.
4. The users should take test and do trial-application on the above products before coming into application so as to witness and ensure suitability for their special purpose and technique.

Meiyuan is China's largest manufacturer and supplier of reflective aluminum foil insulation and vapor barrier. By adopting advanced technology and imported equipments, our reflective aluminum foil insulations feature double sided, light duty, flame retardant and reinforced. They are widely used for water-proof and sealing in industry, inclined, flat and round roofs of civil buildings, canopies, subway, tunnel, bridge, packing lot, and underground storage cellar.

Our reflective aluminum foil insulations and vapor barriers are with good quality and lower prices. They all passed UL certificate, BS476, part6 and part7 test procedures. We have built business relationships with many countries such as America, Canada, Brazil, Agentina, England, France, Spain, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.
If you need any further information about these products, please feel free to contact us!

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