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Aluminum Foil Tape

Aluminum foil tape is a kind of dead soft pure aluminum foil that coated with high-performance solvent-based/emulsion/synthetic rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive and protected by single-sided PE coated silicone release liner.

I. Features
The aluminum foil tape has extensive varieties to meet all levels of performance requirement, it is the pure aluminum tape which has high tensile strength as well as good resistance to water and corrosion. It can firmly bond on various irregular surfaces, offer complement to various glass wool/rock wool insulation boards/pipes and ducts, etc., and ensure their insulation and vapor tightness.

II. Application
This metal tape is suitable for bonding seams in all aluminum foil composite materials, also sealing and mending insulation nail puncture and breakage. It can be used for the insulation and vapor tightness of various glass wool/rock wool insulation boards/pipes and ducts, as well as bonding fixation of metal lines of household appliances such as refrigerators and freezers.

III. Tape Performance
Product Code Foil Thickness
Adhesive Initial Tack
Peel Strength
Holding Power
Temperature Resistance
Operation Temperature
T-F**04SP 0.018-0.125 Solvent-based acrylic adhesive ≤200 ≥18 ≥24 -20~+120 +10~+40 Good tack and bonding power, with good anti-aging, corrosion resistant and heat resistant properties.
T-F**01FR 0.018-0.125 Solvent-based flame retardant acrylic adhesive ≤200 ≥18 ≥24 -20~+120 +10~+40 Good fire-retardant properties; passed UL 723 & BS476 Pt 6 & 7 certification.
T-F**03CW 0.026-0.125 Emulsion acrylic adhesive ≤100 ≥15 ≥5 -30~+60 +10~+40 Good tolerance to aluminum base material, with good low temperature resistance, suitable for low temperature operation.
HT-F**04SP 0.018-0.125 Synthetic rubber adhesive ≤200 ≥20 ≥24 -20~+60 +10~+40 Good compatibility, with balanced bonding power on various products; solvent-free and environment-friendly.
T-WF**04SP 0.018-0.05 Solvent-based acrylic adhesive ≤200 ≥18 ≥24 -20~+120 +10~+40 Aluminum foil surface painted in in various colors, with good anti corrosion properties; can effectively shield electromagnetic waves of various electronic products.

1. Information and data are for universal values of product testing, and do not represent the actual value of each product.
2. Tape in parent roll has a width of 1200mm, and small volume width and length can be customized according to customer request.

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