H-11 Double Sided Tissue Tapes

Typical Physical Properties:
Property Value
Adhesive Hot-Melt
Tensile (N/25mm) 50
Adhesion (N/25mm) 23
Thickness Micron 110
Elongation (%) 4.0
Service Temp (℃) -10 ~ +60

Meiyuan is China's largest manufacturer and supplier of double sided tapes, self adhesive aluminum foil tape, vapor barrier, reflective aluminum foil insulation, etc. We can provide various types of double sided tissue tapes with high quality and low price.

Our products have passed UL certification, BS476, part6 and part7 test procedures. They gain a great popularity in many countries such as America, Canada, Brazil, Agentina, England, France, Spain, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Welcome you to choose!

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