Production Description
Meiyuan T-F4004WL Aluminum Foil Tape without liner is a 40u nominal dead soft aluminum foil with silicone release coating on its back and acrylic adhesive on close side.

Without Liner, Easy Application
Good Moisture & Fire Resistance
Outstanding Temperature & Aging Resistance

Commercial grade 40u foil tape without liner. Good for sealing joints / seams against moisture and vapor on foil jacketing insulation. Suitable for many other sealing, holding, splicing or masking applications requiring the protection offered by a foil backing.

Technical Data Sheet
Property Unit Value Test Method
Backing Thickness Micron 40 PSTC-33 / ASTM D3652
Total Thickness Micron 75 PSTC-33 / ASTM D3652
Peel Adhesion N/25mm 18 PSTC-1 / ASTM D3330
Tack Rolling Ball cm 20 PSTC-6 / ASTM D3121
Tensile Strength N/25mm 50 PSTC-31 / ASTM D3759
Elongation % 3.0 PSTC-31 / ASTM D3759
Service Temperature °C -20 ~ +120 ----------
Applying Temperature °C +10 ~ +40 ----------

Cut Roll: 48mm, 50mm (2"), 60mm, 63mm (2.5"), 72mm, 75mm (3"), 96mm, 100mm (4").

1. The data above are typical results and subject to change without notice.
2. Tolerance: Weight and Thickness: ±10%; Width: ±3mm; Length: Cut Roll: ±0.3m, Jumbo Roll ±0.5%.
3. The product should be stored at room temperature and kept from wet and heat source.
Shelf life: One year from shipment date when stored at 21°C (70°F) / 50% relative humidity out of direct sunlight.
4. It is essential, as with all pressure-sensitive tapes, that the surface to which the tape is applied must be clean, dry, and free of grease and oil.
5. The user should take test and do trial-application on the above products before coming into application so as to witness and ensure suitability for user's special purpose and technique.

We are a China aluminum foil tape manufacturer and supplier. T-F3004WL, T-F4004WL, T-F5004WL types are all available here. Our aluminum foil tapes are cost-efficient, they have been exported to many countries such as America, Canada, Brazil, Agentina, England, France, Spain, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Welcome to contact us!

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