Production Description
Meiyuan T-F3004WL Aluminum Foil Tape is a 30u nominal dead soft aluminum foil with silicone release coating on its back and Solvent-based acrylic adhesive on close side.

Without Liner, Easy Application
Good Moisture & Fire Resistance
Outstanding Temperature & Aging Resistance

Commercial grade 30u foil tape without liner. Good for sealing joints / seams against moisture and vapor on foil jacketing insulation. Suitable for many other sealing, holding, splicing or masking applications requiring the protection offered by a foil backing.

Technical Data Sheet

Property Unit Value Test Method
Backing Thickness Micron 30 PSTC-33 / ASTM D3652
Total Thickness Micron 65 PSTC-33 / ASTM D3652
Peel Adhesion N/25mm 18 PSTC-1 / ASTM D3330
Tack Rolling Ball cm 20 PSTC-6 / ASTM D3121
Tensile Strength N/25mm 37.5 PSTC-31 / ASTM D3759
Elongation % 3.0 PSTC-31 / ASTM D3759
Service Temperature °C -30 ~ +120 ----------
Applying Temperature °C +10 ~ +40 ----------

Cut Roll: 48mm, 50mm (2"), 60mm, 63mm (2.5"), 72mm, 75mm (3"), 96mm, 100mm (4").

1. The data above are typical results and subject to change without notice.
2. Tolerance: Weight and Thickness: ±10%; Width: ±3mm; Length: Cut Roll: ±0.3m, Jumbo Roll ±0.5%.
3. The product should be stored at room temperature and kept from wet and heat source.
Shelf life: One year from shipment date when stored at 21°C (70°F) / 50% relative humidity out of direct sunlight.
4. It is essential, as with all pressure-sensitive tapes, that the surface to which the tape is applied must be clean, dry, and free of grease and oil.
5. The user should take test and do trial-application on the above products before coming into application so as to witness and ensure suitability for user's special purpose and technique.

T-F3004WL aluminum foil tape is our new type product. As China's largest aluminum tape manufacturer and supplier, our company is dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of high quality aluminum foil tapes. Our products are both outstanding in quality and reasonable in price, therefore, they are exported to many countries such as America, Canada, Brazil, Agentina, England, France, Spain, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Various types are of aluminum foil tapes are available here for customers' requirements. Welcome you to order!

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